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Private Investigations

We investigate all over the Midwest and specialize in Private Investigations. Our specific approach has lead us to the most incredible experiences and evidence captured. We have a deep love for the paranormal that has evolved to researching haunted locations and helping people determine what is going on in their location. Your case is strickly confidential and none of your personal information will be used in any way on our social sites. Any evidence captured will be edited to ensure your privacy. 


We start with an interview to determine your claims. We follow specific guidlines to determine if an investigation is  recommended. We will work with you to determine dates and time for an investigation. We use a fact finding approach capturing Audio, Photo's and Video. We are a friendly group that will walk you through this process. 

Once the investigation is completed, we will review all the data captured and meet with you to review our findings. 

If you need help, contact us today through the tab above. Thanks for visiting.